Maple Märzen

Maple Märzen

Lager Brewed with Maple Syrup
Taproom Series: Fall





Our Maple Märzen is a great fall beer offering highlighting local products.  Märzen beers were traditionally brewed in March (März) while the weather was still cool and brewing was practical.  The beer would be lagered through the summer and served in the fall.  Fall festivals including Oktoberfest proved to be a great time to enjoy these well-aged and complex beers which were also crisp and refreshing.

Maple Märzen brings traditional German malts and hops and blends them with local maple syrup.  The result is a malty flavor that is rich bread-y toast with caramel notes and a strong maple character.  The German Noble hops lend a subtle balancing spice to the beer but play second fiddle to the malt/maple profile.  German lager yeast helps the Märzen stay crisp and clean tasting, letting the other ingredients shine through. This traditional lager style with an added Northwoods twist makes a welcome addition to a sunny but cool autumn day or any campfire.

In 2017, Castle Danger Brewery donated a portion of total sales of our Maple Märzen to the Superior Hiking Trail Association. In particular, the funds raised supported the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s creation of a new bridge over the Split Rock River and help thousands of hikers enjoy that beautiful river gorge and the Superior Hiking Trail.

In 2018, Castle Danger Brewery will, again, donate a portion of total sales of our Maple Märzen to the Superior Hiking Trail Association. This year, the funds will go to the SHTA Volunteer Program.