Honey Raspberry Wheat

Honey Raspberry Wheat

Fruited Wheat Ale
Seasonal: Summer

Honey Raspberry Wheat is a beautifully easy beer to drink. It has a crisp, floral aroma with hints of rich berry and is balanced by a smooth, light wheat body. The dry finish rounds this beer out nicely. It’s a perfect beer to bring enjoyment to your favorite activities.




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Flavors and Aromas
Raspberry, honey, biscuit, floral
Pilsen, Honey Malt, Best Munich, Acidulated
Chinook, Hersbrucker, Saaz
We don't know about you, but we're missing the holiday weekend already...

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Looping in our marketing department to pour Honey Raspberry Wheat pints non-stop during the release party means we must have done something right. This beer is only on tap at the taproom and select locations around Minnesota *while supplies last*. Grab a pint and/or a growler while you can!
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Dan Isreal at Carbone's
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