We receive many inquiries here at Castle Danger Brewery, and we strongly encourage you to read our FAQ’s before contacting us, as the answers to nearly all the questions we get can be found right here. Of course, we love hearing from you, and always want to know about any issues, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if the information below does not answer your question.

Castle Danger Name

Castle Danger got its name from the dangerous reef that runs between two sets of cliffs, ending at Gooseberry River. Before Highway 61 came in the 1920’s, all traffic was by boat. Ship captains would know to stay well back from the shore between the two cliffs, or “castles,” because of the dangerous reef. As our brewery was originally located at Castle Haven Cabins in Castle Danger, it was fitting to name the brewery after something so close to us.

Do we serve food at our taproom?

We do not serve food. However, we have chips, salsa and pretzels available for purchase in the taproom. There are also many delicious restaurants in the Two Harbors area that you can get take-out from and bring into the taproom, or bring your own food from home.

Are we Family & Pet Friendly?

Yes! We welcome families to our taproom. All kids under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
We are pet friendly on our patio. We ask that you please walk them around the lawn and not through the taproom.

Personal Keg Sales

Interested in purchasing a keg of our dangerously good ales? We cannot legally sell directly from the brewery. The easiest way is to contact your local liquor store in Minnesota that sells Castle Danger beer and order a keg through them.

Where to find our beer

We have a handy Beer Finder right here on our website. You can search by location (within MN) or by brand to see which establishment near you carries our beer or a specific brand you’re looking for.

Will we fill your growler?

At our taproom, we will fill any non-glass (stainless steel, Nalgene, etc.) growler as long as it’s clean. You can exchange any glass growler for a filled growler of ours, paying only for the beer within. Due to MN State Law we are only allowed to fill growlers that are 64oz or 750ml.


Currently, we are focusing on being deep in Minnesota, as it is our home state. Recently, we’ve signed a distribution contract that will take us to the western border of Minnesota, which means you are now able to get Castle Danger beer anywhere in Minnesota. Through our distributors, we are able to deliver beer to the border towns of Superior, WI and Fargo, ND.

Brewery Tours

We lead weekly brewery tours on Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 5pm. Registration is online and all of the proceeds from our tours go to the Two Harbors Food Shelf.

Who Is George Hunter?

Our George Hunter Stout is brewed in honor of our brewer and founder’s great-great grandfather. George Hunter was an Irish immigrant from Belfast, Ireland who owned and operated the Iron Range Brewing Co. in Tower, MN during the late 1800’s up until Prohibition. And yes, the picture on the can is the real George Hunter.


We do not host weddings. However, our Party Room holds 40 people and is a popular rental for groom’s dinners, wedding rehearsals, etc.

Gluten Free/Nutritional Facts

Our beer is not gluten free. Nutritional facts are also not available for our beer, but we applaud you for being concerned about it.


Clint and Jamie designed the logo by using the MacFarlane family crest as the base and added their neighbor’s view of Lake Superior:  a white pine tree on an actual Castle Danger cliff overlooking Lake Superior. In the winter of 2006, Clint took this picture at sunrise with the intent that it would make the perfect beer label for his homebrew. From there, we digitized and enhanced it, creating the logo that you see today.

Why We Chose Cans

Cans have come a long way from what they were known for in the past. Aluminum keeps light away from the beer, allowing it to stay fresh longer than bottles. Cans are also much more environmentally friendly. The North Shore area has a high volume of outdoor enthusiasts who would much rather bring cans of beer than glass bottles camping, hiking, backpacking, etc.