#FreeTheGrowler Hefe

#FreeTheGrowler Hefe

Pilot System: Spring 2022

#FreeTheGrowler Hefe is a traditional Bavarian-style Hefeweizen that is smooth and fresh. It boasts fruity banana and spicy clove-like aromas from the yeast, which also gives it a slight haze. This naturally fruit-like wheat beer is very approachable, not bitter, and very balanced. Available at our taproom in Two Harbors while it lasts!

We brewed this Hefeweizen to bring awareness to our #FreeTheGrowler movement.

Did you know only 5 of America’s 8,000 craft breweries do not have an option to sell to-go beer to customers? They are all here in Minnesota. Once a MN brewery produces 20,000 barrels of beer in a year, they are penalized for being successful and can no longer sell beer to go. We want to change that!

Learn more here: https://supportmnbreweries.com/




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WE DID IT! We changed the law with your help! We need some time to get our off-sale license reinstated before we can fill and sell growlers at the taproom. Stay tuned for more updates on that! THANK YOU for your NEVER-ENDING support for the growler. We could not have done this without you.
Thank you to the MN Legislature for listening to Minnesotans and freeing the growler.
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Just in time for Memorial Day weekend! Lager Royale is our newest year-round beer. It's light, refreshing, and dangerously good. Be sure to add it to your beer shopping list for the holiday weekend. ✅ 

Find it 👀 by visiting the link in our bio.

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Minnesota Liquor laws SUCK!

Today marks the first day that Castle Danger Brewery can no longer sell growlers. LUCKILY, I made the quick trip up yesterday and got my growler filled one last time.

Why can’t they sell growlers you may ask? Because they have reached the state max of 20,000 barrels produced per year, above that they can no longer off-sale in their own taproom. The problem is, these breweries feel this hit hard. Growlers account for 1/3 of taproom sales and they are now losing that income. This also effects the consumer as most craft breweries typically make a lot of One-off or specialty beers that may only be available in the taproom. With growlers, customers are able to take those new favorites home. Without this option, consumers are forced to only enjoy this product in house. Not to mention we are basically punishing these breweries for producing amazing, high quality beer that people love and want to buy.

If you want to help show Minnesota Lawmakers that we want the cap raised to 250,000 barrels, the link to the petition is in my Bio. If we get enough signatures legislature will have to look at this new law this period. Support small business like it’s your dang job!!!
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