One of the best ways you can help us save the growler is to reach out to your Minnesota state representatives.


If you’re a little shy or if this is your first time contacting your representative, below is a sample script for calling and leaving a voicemail. Calling makes the biggest impact!


“Hello [your representative], my name is [your name]. I’m a constituent in your district and I am a customer of Castle Danger Brewery. I’m a fan of Minnesota Craft Beer and the impact craft brewers have on our community, tourism, and economy. I think the growler restrictions imposed by existing law are unfair to Minnesota craft brewers and customers. I encourage you to support our local small businesses by helping raise the growler cap, which would allow Minnesota breweries of all sizes to sell beer from their taprooms while continuing to grow and provide great beer to their customers from near and far. Your support can impact more than 160 small businesses in Minnesota. Thank you for your hard work!”

Industry Benefits

  • Breweries will no longer have to choose between growth and sales.
  • Consumers will see uninterrupted access in choice from their favorite brands and visitors will be able to continue to contribute to Minnesota’s tourism economy.
  • Minnesota’s hospitality sector will grow and our state can become a beer tourism destination.
  • Growlers help promote the growth of breweries around the entire state, supporting the three-tier system of producer, wholesaler, and retailer.

Emailing is Helpful, Too

If you are a little shy, or if you have already called your legislator and you want to reach out in as many ways as possible, you can email your legislators. We’ve made this easy for you. Click the button to send a pre-filled email to your local MN representatives. You can edit and personalize your email as well. Every email and call counts.